New Miner Stats Section

We have added a new section called Miner Stats on the Pool+ Browser Miner.  The new terminal style window allows you to view the communication between the miner and the pool.  Along with monitoring the miner it has error handling built into it so if there is an error to come up you will be able to see where it came from.


  • Waiting – Waiting on the start of the miner.
  • Connection Open – The connection to the pool has been successfully opened.
  • Authenticated – The miner has been authenticated with the pool and can now accept jobs from the pool.
  • Job – The miner has received a new job from the pool.
  • Hash Found – The miner found a hash metting the pools difficulty level.
  • Hash Accepted – The pool accepted a found hash.
  • Closed – The connection to the pool was closed.
  • Error – An error has occurred.

Screen Shot of Miner Stats Section

Miner Settings Moved

We also moved the miner settings down to it’s own section below the miner stats.

Screen Shot of Miner Settings