Executive Summary

RhinoMiner.Rocks, formerly known as MoneroMiner.Rocks, is evolving. With over six years in the cryptocurrency mining sector, we have established ourselves as pioneers of browser-based mining solutions. Our extensive suite of tools, which has been operational for over half a decade, includes a WordPress plugin, a JavaScript snippet for easy website integration, and a robust browser miner. This comprehensive approach enables our users to seamlessly engage with cryptocurrency mining directly through their web browsers, making mining accessible to a broad audience. As we continue to innovate, our commitment to enhancing and expanding these tools remains strong, ensuring that RhinoMiner.Rocks leads the way in accessible, efficient, and user-friendly mining technology.


Since our inception, RhinoMiner.Rocks has been at the forefront of mining technology, offering unique browser-based mining solutions. As we transition from MoneroMiner.Rocks, our commitment to innovation continues with the introduction of a new mining pool, a bespoke cryptocurrency, and enhanced mining tools that will set new standards in the industry.


Quarter 2, 2024

  • Launch of New Mining Pool: Deployment of a robust and scalable mining pool using the latest kawpow mining protocol, tailored to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability for our miners.
  • Release of New Cryptocurrency: Introduction of our own cryptocurrency, designed to integrate seamlessly with our mining technologies and support transactional efficiency.
  • Exchange Listing: Initial listing of our new coin on a cryptocurrency exchange to ensure liquidity and accessibility for our users.
  • Website Transition to New Domain: Move RhinoMiner.Rocks to its new domain, enhancing the brand’s visibility and aligning with our new strategic direction.
  • Redesign of Browser Miner App: Complete overhaul of the browser miner application to improve user interface, functionality, and overall mining performance, enhancing the user experience.

Quarter 3, 2024

  • Tool Updates:
    • WordPress Plugin: Upgrade our existing WordPress plugin to support the new coin, enhancing functionality and user experience.
    • JavaScript Miner: Update our JavaScript code snippet to allow webmasters to easily integrate mining for our new coin into their websites.
    • Browser Miner: Enhance our browser miner to support not only the new coin but also other popular cryptocurrencies, improving flexibility and usability for our users.
    • Reintroduction of Free Browser Miner: Relaunch a free version of our browser miner, providing an accessible option for new users and those looking to experiment with mining without initial investment.
  • Main Website Redesign – Phase 1: Begin the redesign of the main website to improve navigation, aesthetics, and overall functionality, aligning with the new brand identity and enhanced service offerings.

Quarters 4, 2024

  • Main Website Redesign – Phase 2: Complete the redesign of the main website, implementing advanced features, integrating full support for the new cryptocurrency, and ensuring that the site is optimized for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Expansion to More Exchanges: Aim to list our new cryptocurrency on additional exchanges to improve the coin’s market penetration and ensure that our users have multiple platforms for trading.
  • Development of a Marketplace: Establish a marketplace where users can use the new coin to purchase subscriptions and other services, enhancing the utility of our cryptocurrency within the RhinoMiner.Rocks ecosystem.

Technical Details

Our new cryptocurrency is built on a secure, decentralized blockchain architecture that prioritizes privacy, speed, and user control. The coin leverages Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms modified to ensure accessibility and fairness for all miners.

Security Measures

RhinoMiner.Rocks employs state-of-the-art security technologies to protect our users and their mining activities. Regular audits and continuous monitoring of our systems ensure that we stay ahead of potential security threats.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate. Continuous legal assessments help us navigate the complex landscape of global cryptocurrency regulations.


With the transition to RhinoMiner.Rocks and the launch of our new cryptocurrency, we are setting the stage for the next evolution of cryptocurrency mining. Our roadmap is designed to not only enhance our existing offerings but also introduce innovative solutions that will benefit our users and the broader crypto ecosystem.