Transform your website into a revenue-generating powerhouse with the Browser Miner WordPress Plugin. Seamlessly integrating into your WordPress site, this plugin harnesses the power of your visitors’ CPUs to mine cryptocurrency, offering an innovative approach to monetization beyond traditional ads.

Why Choose Browser Miner?

  • Effortless Setup: With a focus on simplicity, our plugin ensures an easy integration and configuration process, allowing you to get up and running in no time.
  • Unobtrusive Mining: Operates silently in the background whenever a visitor browses your site, ensuring a smooth user experience without impacting site performance.
  • Customizable Throttle Control: Fully adjustable mining throttle options provide complete control over CPU usage, ensuring visitors’ experiences remain unaffected.
  • Diverse Coin Support: Catering to various preferences, our plugin supports mining for Monero (XMR), Masari (MSR), and Sumokoin (SMK).

Get Started Today

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