Happy Friday!

Graft & Dero browser miners have just added!

We have just added two new cryptocurrency coins. Graft (GRFT) and Dero (DERO) to the Pool+ web browser miner.  To start mining just enter the coin’s wallet address in your settings (“Get Wallet” link is provided on the settings page if you do not already have a wallet), click on the Pool+ miner link, select your desired coin under the “Pool Settings” panel and click start.  The console panel provides the miners stats in real time.  Below is a little bit about the new coins that were added.



graft & dero browser miners

Graft is a rare ICO project with its own blockchain. The team is so dedicated to mainstreaming cryptocurrency and creating a merchant-friendly solution that they have developed a blockchain that is built around the merchants’ systems and processes, bringing together the most advanced techniques in the space and resolving the issues with the other cryptocurrencies. Soon, merchants with Graft will be able to accept crypto at the point of sale as easily as they do with cash or credit cards.  SRC: Bitcoin.com (Paid Press Release Jan 22, 2018)



graft & dero browser miners

There is no shortage of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects as of right now. Dero is one of those concepts that will either be very big or pretty small in the long run. This new blockchain technology project uses the Golang coding language to improve overall privacy and smart contract technology.  SRC: The Merkle (March 18, 2018)

We hope you enjoy the Graft & Dero browser miners. We anticipate releasing more cryptocurrency mining options as time moves forward.