We’re sorry to announce that we are discontinuing the 1M Hash Payout for the browser miner and website widget.  Although we are discontinuing the 1M Hash Payout Miner the Pool+ miner will still be up and running.

Why is it being discontinued?

With the cost of the servers and the code management it is not feasible for us to keep this product online at this time.  With us discontinuing the Hash Payout Miner we can focus our efforts and energy on one main product, the Pool+ Miner.

Along with the costs there is a larger risk of an error occurring with the miner since it has a lot more moving pieces than the Pool+ Miner.  Although these errors can be fixed you still have down time and potentially corrupt data.

A couple of days ago a situation like this happened for the XMR Hash Payout Miner.  On a database data update the amount of earned XMR data got corrupt and it is currently not accurate.

If my earned XMR data is incorrect how can you tell how much I have earned?

Your earned XMR will be calculated based upon how many hashes you have submitted for XMR using the 1M Hash Payout Miner.  The current payout at the time of this writing is 0.00004080 per 1 million hashes.  Users that signed up before Jan 1st 2018 will get 0.00015 paid out per 1 million hashes and users that signed up after will get 0.00010 per 1 million hashes.

Do I need to do anything?

Only for users that have used the 1M Hash Payout Miner:

Since we are discontinuing the 1M Hash Payout Miner you will need to withdraw any earnings you have made.  All users have until July 1st 2018 12:00AM EST to make your earnings request.  After this date the unclaimed coins will be terminated and the wallets will be permanently shut down.  There is no min amount to withdraw but you will need to have at least earned enough coins to cover the withdraw fee.

You can request your earnings by clicking here.

I want to use the Pool+ miner, can I use my earned coins to pay for the Supporting Membership?

Since the Pool+ browser miner links you directly to the pool and the pool handles the payouts there is no way for us to intervene in the middle and apply your Pool+ earned coins towards a Supporting Membership.

Will there be a free version in the future?

If the company grows well and we have a team capable of handling the system we will offer a free version that charges a % fee of the earned coins.

In closing:

We understand that some of our users may be upset with the decision and we are sorry that we have had to go this route.  We have spent large amounts of dollars so far trying to provide a stable mining application but the costs vs gain for the 1M Hash Payout miner is not in the positive.  We could increase the fee but we would have to increase it to an amount that we fell would not be fair to our users.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.